As a person ages, the chances of having an accident or misstep increases, sometimes putting their independence in jeopardy. These almost-inevitable occurrences do not have to mean a loss of autonomy and mobility that keeps people feeling like they are young, though. With a few well-placed safety products, it is possible to protect a senior's quality of life -- and perhaps even improve it as well. 


Grab Bars


Self-care is an aspect of a senior's life that can suffer due to a lack of mobility. Installing grab bars in strategic locations can help improve their ability to care for themselves while also increasing safety. 


Standing Assist Poles


Versatile and helpful, standing assist poles can be installed in numerous locations including the bathroom to help facilitate entry and exit from the shower, beside a favorite chair to improve the ability to rise and near the bed to improve safety during transitions. 


Handheld Showers


Showering often becomes difficult as one ages, and a handheld shower can help alleviate some of this challenge. Due to their superior adjustability, a handheld shower makes the ideal accommodation for a home in which a senior shares space with other family members. 


Wheelchair Ramps


The use of a wheelchair or a walker does not have to mean that a senior has difficulty entering and exiting their home or the rooms within it. Wheelchair ramps come in a number of different variations in order to accommodate a senior's particular needs. Wood ramps are a cost-effective method of ensuring that a senior can still enter their home while a modular ramp provides a low-maintenance option. Threshold ramps ensure that interior rooms can be easily traversed without fear of tipping. Quick and easy to move when the situation calls for it, threshold ramps improve the ability of the senior to move freely throughout their home. 


Bed Rails


While a senior is in bed is one of the most vulnerable times of their day. From confusion about their surroundings to slippage, falls from bed can be prevented with the installation of an appropriate bed rail. Bed rails also make it easier to make the transition into and out of the bed as well. 


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