If you have an elderly family member who has trouble standing up after laying in bed, sitting on the couch or sitting in a dining room chair, a stand assist pole can help them safely get into the standing position. However, many people have never heard of this home safety device. If you never have, you may have many questions about what it is and what you should look for when purchasing one. Here are a few frequently asked questions about this device.

What is a Stand Assist Pole?

A stand assist pole is a metal pole that extends from the floor to the ceiling. Some are a straight pole, that resembles the sliding pole you would see in a firehouse, while others have a curved handgrip that can raise or lower based on where your loved one needs it most. The pole can be placed where your loved one needs it. When they need to get up, they reach for the pole. The pole gives them something that supports their weight as they pull themselves up and as they balance themselves. Once they are up and balanced, they can let go of the pole and walk as they normally would.

What Should I Look For When Purchasing a Stand Assist Pole?

If you are looking to purchase a stand assist pole, there are two important features you need to look for. The first feature is whether the pole is portable or needs permanent installation. Some poles are portable. This means after your loved one uses it to get out of bed, they can untwist it in the middle to separate the pole into two poles and then position it in the next part of the house they are going to, such as by the couch. On the other hand, some seniors don't want to be separating poles and putting them back together. In this case, permanent poles positioned in the areas your loved one may need help can be a better option.

The second feature to look for when purchasing a stand assist pole is what material the pole is made from and how much weight it can support. Aluminum poles will support less weight than steel ones. And installed ones will support more weight than poles that are portable. Always consider how much your loved one weighs and then find a pole made from a material that supports their weight. If you don't pay attention to this, the pole may not support the weight of your loved one and could come crashing down when they try to use it.

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