The shower can be a dangerous place for an elderly family member. The shower stall can be slick when it gets wet or when soap or shampoo falls on it. And the floor outside of the shower can be slippery when your loved one steps out. Unfortunately, many elderly people already have balance issues, and slippery flooring can only make the situation worse. But there are a few things that you can do to help keep your elderly family members just a bit safer when they are entering, exiting or standing in the shower.


Shower Mats

Shower mats can make both the shower and the tile outside the shower less slippery. Some mats are designed to be used in the shower. These types of mats stick to the bottom of a shower or tub, helping to create a non-slip surface that has some friction and grip to it. Other types of shower mats are designed to be used outside of the shower. They absorb the water that drips off of your loved one when they step out of the shower while wet, rather than allowing the water to fall to the floor and create a slick surface. Both types of mats are relatively cheap but can help prevent slips and falls.


Shower Safety Bars

Another way to keep your elderly loved one safe in the shower is to install shower safety bars, or shower grab bars. These bars give your loved one something to grip and hold on to. They can use the bars to balance while standing in the shower or to hold onto something while they are stepping in or out of the shower. Having something to steady themselves on can prevent falls when an elderly person is showering.


Shower Benches

The last way to keep your elderly loved one safe during a shower is to place a shower bench in the shower for them. This allows them to sit while showering, rather than to stand. If your loved one has balance issues or can't stand for a prolonged period of time, this allows them to get clean without running the risk of becoming weak or falling due to standing for a prolonged period of time.


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