All parents want to do what's best for their children, and child safety is at the top of the list of concerns. From car seats to safety gates, there's a lot to consider. For parents of children with special needs, the stakes are even higher. If your child uses a wheelchair or has difficulties controlling his or her body in certain situations, making sure your home has the supports your child needs can feel like a moving target.


Bath safety, in particular, can be tricky. When you add water and hard surfaces to the mix, it's a recipe for slips and falls. Fortunately, there are many safety features to install in your home's bathroom to help your child stay safe and possibly become more independent in the future. Consider adding one or more of the following to your bathroom to increase safety:


  • Grab Bars: A solid grab bar at the right height in your tub or shower offers support for your child. Some parents find they also provide leverage while lifting your child in and out of the tub when needed.
  • Bath Benches: If getting up and over the edge of the tub is too challenging, a bath bench can shorten the distance your child needs to move and provides a more comfortable way to bathe. 
  • Handheld Showers: These attachments allow you to aim the water to bathe your child while staying dry yourself. They minimize the amount of splash-over and help keep floors drier and safer.
  • Toilet Safety Rails: These provide support for getting up and down and can prevent falls. As your child grows, toilet independence may be an important milestone that's easier to reach with proper support.
  • Accessible Shower Stalls: As your child grows, wheelchair-friendly showers will make life much easier. These stall are wide enough for a chair to roll in easily, and they don't have a threshold to trip up wheels. 


When you need help outfitting your home with safety features to protect your special needs child, don't feel like you have to go it alone. Home Freedom in Minneapolis, MN has a caring staff and all the expertise you need to remodel your bathroom for increased safety for your child. Each home and family is different, so call for an individualized bath safety consultation today.