Toss and Turn but Never Fall

If your little one has the tendency to cavort about in their sleep, the fear of a rapid descent to the floor from one careening spin too far can keep any parent awake at night while fretting for their toddler. Instead of staring at the ceiling and dreading what could be just a fitful night's sleep away, install bed rails onto your child's bed.  Bed Rails strike a balance between the safety from falling that a crib can offer with the freedom of a regular bed.

Ramp Up the Safety Around Your Stairs

Kids love to run around and take every moment at full speed, but this can be a dangerous combination with stair steps that can stand as high as their waist. Individual steps can be legitimate hurdles to overcome, and failing to conquer just one can result in a tumble down all of those that came before.

You can take on the dangers that stairs represent both inside and outside the home. Within the walls of the building, place handrails along the path of your stairways at a height that children can comfortably reach to help them take on each step securely. For the stairs that lead to your patio or doorway, installing an access ramp will make it easier for everyone to come back home without any scrapes or bruises.

Graduate to the Big Seat with Confidence

Toilet training is rarely described by anyone as an easy task, and most folks are talking about the transition period from pull-ups to the specially sized child potties. One selection of kids will be pitching a fit about not being able to use the same toilet as everyone else, frequently trying to use the bigger model without supervision. The others will struggle to feel comfortable in the big seat.

You can keep every type of child safe and secure on the toilet with the addition of a toilet safety rail. The more ambitious children can use the safety additions to keep from falling in the bowl with an embarrassing splash, and the surrounding cocoon of safety can encourage those who are more timid.