Home Freedom, serving the entire Twin Cities area, offers a wide variety of home safety products that help seniors and those with disabilities lead a safer life. Bathrooms, bedrooms and your whole home in general become optimized for people who may need assistance with mobility. These amenities help prevent injury or even loss of life, but more importantly, provide a sense of freedom that some people could not otherwise experience. We empower people to live fuller lives, and safer ones by the same measure.


But what about people who do not need any of these safety gadgets?  You are a healthy, physically able and agile person – what would you possibly do with grab bars in your shower? Well, the truth of the matter is that everyone could benefit from additional safety around the house. The shower can be a fertile ground for accidents – for anyone! Have you ever used hair conditioner and then tried to maintain your footing on the wet shower floor, especially in those fiberglass showers that are already smooth as glass? Conditioners and fortified shampoos leave your hair silky smooth and soft, and leave the shower floor slick as a skating rink. Children, men and women of all ages have paid more than a few visits to the Emergency Room after having an unscheduled encounter with the floor in the shower or bathroom.


You can navigate stairs like a triathlon runner – so why would you need hand rails in the stairwell? Have you ever been carrying something bulky down the stairs, especially something that obstructs you from seeing your feet? Ever miss a step, thinking your foot was right where it should have been only to find out it was not? Powerful as our brains are, simply disconnect our visual confirmation of the environment and we become toddlers in an instant. .


If you have an elderly person or someone with disabilities living in your home, you will quickly find that certain safety apparatus come in rather handy for others at times. While some equipment is highly specialized or purpose-built for certain applications, most general home safety add-ons can be utilized by everyone. It doesn’t hurt to have something extra to hang on to in the shower or while navigation down the basement stairs in the dark. Contact Home Freedom today to discuss any home improvements of this type you may have in mind!