When seniors choose to stay in their homes and live independent lives, health and safety risks increase because of seniors’ susceptibility to wet surfaces, sharp edges and falls. Given these risks, improving home safety should be a priority not only for seniors, but also for their loved ones. Enhancements in safety can lead to peace of mind, higher living standards, better health and longer lives.


Peace of Mind


Seniors living without items such as grab bars, bath benches, stand assist poles and beds rails are at a higher risk of injury. This is because seniors become frail as they age, and simple missteps can lead to disasters. Once safety equipment is in place, though, seniors can have greater peace of mind that small accidents won’t turn into life threatening injuries. Family members can also sleep better at night knowing the proper safety equipment is in place, to protect the ones that they love.  


Higher Quality of Life


For many seniors, it can be difficult to get in and out of the bath tub or to even open doors around the house, without a serious amount of effort. Automatic door openers, for instance, can make life easier to live and reduce the amount of strain seniors feel, trying to perform basic tasks. Even items such as handheld showers can improve seniors’ quality of life. There is no reason to struggle with the basic routines that make up life, when quality safety equipment is available.


Better Health


When seniors have an accident, such as a fall, it can have terrible repercussions damaging their health for many months or even years after the incident. For example, a fall can lead to the onset of arthritis, which can make it hard to even move or live life normally. Safety equipment can prevent injuries and the aftermath, improving seniors overall health and well-being.


Longer Lives


Whether its ramps, bath benches or toilet safety rails, home safety equipment can help protect seniors’ well-being and ultimately extend their lives. This is an important point, because seniors are at risk of so many different illnesses and health issues brought on by unsafe behavior, or even small accidents. The better protected seniors are, the better chance they have of living long and happy lives.


There is no reason to leave seniors in homes that pose specific, and often-times preventable, safety risks. There are state-of-the-art home safety devices and features that can protect seniors from threats and enhance their quality of life. Be sure to schedule a consultation today, to learn more.