Safety Grab Bars

From the bathroom to the bedroom, grab bars add safety to the environment  for individuals with limited mobility, physical instability or weakness.

Grab Bars & Assist Pole Installation

Home Freedom LLC provides a range of home safety products and services designed to empower people to stay in their homes and lead a full life. This can help both the individual and their family on a financial, emotional and physical level. Grab bars are an essential component to retaining self-sufficiency, preventing accidents and easing the difficulties of immobility.

Grab Bars

Most slip and fall accidents occur in the bathroom, making that a great place to start when evaluating the safety needs of any home. Properly installed grab bars in your bathroom and other transitional locations can greatly enhance safety. These easy to install bars can work for individuals of all ages and abilities. We offer a large variety of sizes and styles from basic to elegant.


Standing Assist Poles

Standing assist poles are designed to provide stability for those who need extra help in the bedroom, bathroom or in getting out of your favorite chair, and they can help prevent harmful falls. They provide a safe, secure aid for people who need the extra assistance, also increasing independence in the home.


Installing a Grab Bar - by Steve Johnson

Our mission

The process of aging or the onset of infirmity can be very difficult for both the elderly and their families. Senior citizens and those with disabilities fear becoming a burden to their families, losing self-sufficiency and being unable to do the things they enjoy and are accustomed to. We strive to return that precious capacity to our clients through the quality products and exceptional services we offer.

Our products

Seniors and those with disabilities are increasingly empowered to stay in their homes. Home Freedom LLC believes they should have that right. With a few adjustments, most homes in the Minneapolis, MN area can be equipped with ramps, grab bars, toilet safety accessories, automatic door openers, bed rails and much more - all of which help maximize independence in the comfort of your own residence.

Our process

Home Freedom is dedicated to providing you with quality care and the best in safety enhancing equipment. When you are working with Home Freedom LLC, you can be sure to receive:

Fast friendly service
Flexible hours
Licensed and insured professionals
Free estimates
Guaranteed satisfaction

When you work with Home Freedom, you can be sure that you’re getting honest service from a team that genuinely cares about the safety and independence of seniors in the area.