When you have gone out shopping, you have likely seen or even used an automatic door opener. You press the button off to the side and the door automatically opens. Now you can have this installed in a home. This allows those in wheelchairs, using walkers or who can't open heavy doors to come and go without the help of anyone else. If you are considering having one installed in a loved one's home, you may have many questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions about automatic door openers.

Do You Need to Install Push Buttons to Open or Close the Door?

It can be risky to install push buttons to open or close a door to a home. Small kids may push the buttons and leave or intruders may push the outside button and enter. Instead, most home openers work with a remote control. The user has the controller in their pocket and can push it when needed.

Can it Work on Any Type of Door?

There are different automatic door openers. Some will work on heavier entry way doors, while others only work on interior doors. Always consider the weight of the door when shopping around for any type of automatic door opener.

Is This Something I Can Install Myself?

An automatic door opener will need to be installed, and typically this is done by a professional. It does involve electrical wires, so electricians and those trained to install automatic door openers should be used. Anytime electrical wiring is used, there is always a risk of an electrical fire if it is not properly installed or wired. This is why the average homeowner or do-it-yourselfer should avoid this type of project.

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