Before we add our new shower bar, we must first decide on the location. The location will largely depend on the number of bars being installed. If you are installing one shower grab bar, the most logical spot is vertically, along the edge of the tub where you enter. Whenever you shower, you enter and leave from this spot and want to make sure it is the safest spot in the shower.

The bottom of this bar should be about 36” from the floor, but this will largely depend on your height. As you will see soon, make sure it can be screwed into a stud.

If you’re adding a second grab bar, the most ideal spot would be at an angle along the sidewall (long back wall of shower - picture above). This bar should be used as you shower. Since it’s installed on angle, one end will be connected to one stud and the other to the stud right next to it.

The bottom of this shower grab bar should be about eight (8) inches from the top of the tub. Use whatever angle you think is best for the top end of the bar.

If you spring for a third shower grab bar, place it horizontally at the end of the tub, about 18” above the bath.